Logan McKillop is a folk/roots singer-songwriter and storyteller from Onanole, MB. Equally skilled as a wordsmith and an astonishing guitarist, every song is an invitation into the best of both worlds. He is unafraid to delve into what is real, exploring the highs and lows of the human condition with absolute honesty. Supported by his unmistakable guitar prowess, he leaves no audience without laughter, heartache, and a gentle reminder of life’s duality.

Logan’s sophomore album “Anchorless” (released on March 29th, 2019) is a collection of songs that display his maturity as an artist. Carefully arranged with an all-star Manitoban roster of musicians, the 10 track album comes to life with the addition of a string section, piano, drums, bass, pedal steel, vibraphone, clarinet, banjo, mandolin, and a whole lot of harmony. Recorded with co-producer Scott Nolan (The Song Shop, Winnipeg, MB), engineers Jamie Sitar (Outta Town Sound) and Madeleine Roger (Roseberry Records) and meticulously mixed & mastered by David Travers-Smith (found.sound.toronto), “Anchorless” takes the listener through a heartfelt reminder of what it means to live.

Hailing from a family of musicians, Logan has been surrounded by music from the very beginning. To further his natural abilities, he enrolled in the Jazz guitar program at Brandon University. Following his studies, he set out to pursue a career as a touring musician.

Logan released his 20 song debut album “Prairie Sky” in March 2013 (produced by Lewis Melville in Guelph, Ontario). The album has received praise and radio play from a number of Canadian radio stations (CBC, Blues & Roots Radio) and has received positive reviews from notable folk music magazines (Penguin Eggs).

Logan has extensively toured across Canada in support of "Prairie Sky." Aside from his career as a solo artist, Logan has also played in several active touring bands and has been hired as an accompanist/session guitarist and vocalist on a variety of recording projects and tours (Micah Erenberg, Carly Dow, Kevin Roy, Madeleine Roger, Sebastian Owl, Brady Enslen). Logan has performed at countless Manitoba music festivals (Winnipeg Folk Festival, Brandon Folk, Music & Art Festival, Harvest Sun Music Fest, to name a few), has played shows in every province and territory in Canada except for Newfoundland, and has also toured in the UK and Europe (accompanying Alana Levandoski in 2010 and Carly Dow in 2017).

With tens of thousands of touring km’s under his belt, and a newly released sophomore album, Logan has covered a lot of ground with no signs of slowing down.


Logan McKillop gratefully acknowledges the financial support from Manitoba Film & Music and FACTOR